What Makes DuraCraft cabinetry different?

DuraCraft cabinets are more durable and more water resistant than paper wrapped cabinets, which are the industry standard.
Duracraft cabinets and home systems are water repellent, and far more durable than paper-wrapped cabinetry typically found in manufactured homes. Because DuraCraft cabinetry may not withstand being immersed fully into water, the products cannot be labeled as waterproof.
Using a mild soap and warm water, gently wipe all DuraCraft cabinets, trim, molding and interior surfaces clean. If raw wood cabinet or drawer interiors are not covered or wrapped, avoid excessive exposure to water as contact with water can/will damage the MDF raw wood surfaces.
The outer finish on all DuraCraft products is a proprietary PVC vinyl single-ply laminate material that wraps around sturdy MDF (medium density fiberboard). A chemical bond is formed between the two using a high-quality adhesive. DuraCraft cabinetry is finished with generic hardware.
DuraCraft cabinets are designed to look and feel like wood cabinets, without the higher price point. The cost savings and durability of DuraCraft cabinets make them a strong competitor to wood.
The first step is contacting the retailer where you bought your home and describing the problem. From there, they should be able to help you find a solution.