How DuraCraft Products Are Made

Duracraft Cabinet Still Life Dedicated to Design

Dedication to Design

Our dedicated interior design team works only for our customers—nobody else. Their number one priority is to make sure the homes and kitchens featuring DuraCraft products are always unique, and always beautiful.

DuraCraft color and finish options are hand-selected based on trends and customer preferences in the markets where Clayton Built® homes are made and sold. Every detail is designed with you, the customer, in mind. Best of all, our offerings will always gently shift and change to meet your design demands.

Duracraft Cabinets

Made-Tough Finishings

The quality of DuraCraft products begins with the outer surface. A durable, water-repellent material developed in Europe and made available exclusively to us, it’s as good looking as it is long-lasting.

All DuraCraft products are made using modern machinery that creates a chemical bond between the outer surface and the sturdy MDF (medium density fiberboard) that’s used to custom construct DuraCraft cabinetry and other home components.

Making Duracraft Cabinets

Custom-Built Craftsmanship

Finally, every piece of DuraCraft product is assembled and then installed by hand, right inside the new home where it belongs. Made using top-notch craftsman techniques, these are not big box cabinets and components that are quickly bolted into place—and they’re all assembled right here in our home building facilities.

Part of the Clayton Built® promise, we’ve long looked for a way to build more durable home and kitchen cabinetry surfaces—and build them our way, which means maintaining quality and keeping costs low for our customers.

DuraCraft is the answer. Superior materials. Unmatched design and construction. Same affordable prices.