Our most durable design yet is here.

In 2017, innovation led to the introduction of DuraCraft cabinets. For us, the first release was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve been doing research, determining how we can continue to improve and innovate — without adding costs. Today, DuraCraft cabinets are still exclusive to Clayton Built® homes, and are better than ever.
Introducing the new DuraCraft — cabinets that look outstanding, work better, and that are made to withstand the tests of time like never before.


Better by Design:
The DuraCraft Difference

Exclusively available to Clayton Built® homes, DuraCraft cabinets are an affordable, longer-lasting alternative to paper-wrapped cabinetry. After extensive research, we’ve incorporated new, better construction methods, continued our innovative take on design, and deepened our commitment to making longer-lasting cabinetry that won’t break the bank. Unlike paper-wrapped cabinets, DuraCraft cabinets are water and scratch resistant. Our designs pair timeless and trend-driven colors with textured finishes that mimic real wood—something paper can’t deliver. The fit and finish of DuraCraft cabinets is second-to-none, using a thick, water-resistant PVC edge-banding for all cabinets and shelving.

Better looking. Longer lasting. Always Innovative.
The DuraCraft difference is in the design. 

Why Duracraft

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Our new DuraCraft cabinets are built with innovative dowel construction to replace v-nail construction on earlier models. Cabinets made with the new dowel construction method are sturdier than those made with v-nail construction, and seams interlock tight to become nearly invisible. Say goodbye to gaps and peeling, and say hello to good looks, inside and out.

Design Inovation

Speaking of good looks, our color selection is always changing to meet our customers where they are. Our design team chooses both timeless and on-trend options that will add style to any home. More than nice to look at, the cabinet surface texture features a realistic, raised grain for a difference you can both see and feel. Modern, rustic, and traditional profile options take design possibilities to another level.


Features & Benefits